Sport and Cognition

Based on a developmental embodiment perspective, the „Sport und Cognition“-Group investigates the interplay of cognitive and motor processes in the context of sports and movement.

The group’s focus areas in research and teaching lie in the intersection of sports and movement sciences, psychology and neurosciences. In particular, it encompasses the topics: 

  • Developmental embodiment research: Interrelationship of age-related and experience-dependent changes in cognitive and motor functioning
  • Joint action: Interaction of cognitive and motor processes during interpersonal coordination in human locomotion
  • Motor decision making: Interplay of cognitive and motor processes in action planning and control

Further interests concern:

  • Influence of physical activity and sports on physical and cognitive health 
  • Influence of stress on cognitive and motor functioning

Study and graduation work

For possible topics, please contact the research areas or a lecturer of your choice.