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Research at the Institute of Sports Science is mainly organized in five research areas. These areas relate to core disciplines within the field of sports science and represent them at the Institute in research and teaching.

Student research projects and theses

For possible topics, please contact the work areas or a lecturer of your choice.

Cooperation partners

Links to the Institute's cooperation partners are published here. These are involved in joint projects or otherwise participate in events of the Institute. There are also official cooperation agreements with some partners.


  • Cooperation partner with cooperation agreement

    Per Mertesacker Foundation

    Since 2009, the Per Mertesacker Foundation has been committed to the social integration of children in the Hanover region. The existing cooperation agreement between the foundation and the institute aims to further strengthen the link between science and practice. In addition to internships, the institute also arranges trainee programmes for Bachelor and Master graduates.


    Elsa Brändström School

    At the Elsa Brändström School in Hanover, sports students can gain internship experience and realise smaller empirical research projects according to a cooperation agreement. Every year, students organise an Elsa Sports Day for the pupils of the Elsa-Brändström School, who are invited to the Institute of Sport Science to participate in a colourful programme of self-developed exercise activities.



    There is a cooperation agreement with Bethel under which sports students can gain practical experience and carry out smaller empirical research projects. A seminar group participates annually in Bethel Athletics.


    Handball Association of Lower Saxony

    There is a cooperation agreement with the Handball Association of Lower Saxony (HVN), which, among other things, enables students of the Institute to acquire a Trainer C licence and the opportunity for internships.



    In the context of the 30th annual conference of the dvs section of sports pedagogy "Sport science in the interest of pedagogy" in Hanover 15 to 17 June 2017, a cooperation agreement was made which is to be continued with further projects in the future.

  • Cooperation partners in projects

    Deutscher Fußball-Bund
    The German Football Association is a cooperation partner in numerous projects concerning football, fans and violence, e.g. in the project "Fans and Ultras on the Internet" or Team 2011. The contact person is Prof. Dr. Pilz.

    LandesSportBund Niedersachsen
    The LandesSportBund Niedersachsen is a partner in several research projects in the project database "Sport integrates Niedersachsen" and a provider of third-party funding.

    Niedersächsischer Fußballverband
    The NFV is a frequent project partner of the Institute, e.g. in the project "Attitudes and Changes in the Understanding of Fairness and Fair Behaviour as well as Experiences of Violence among C and B-Youth District League Players in Lower Saxony".

    Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Inneres, Sport und Integration
    The Ministry is, among other things, a cooperation partner for the project database "Sport integrates Lower Saxony" and "Integrationslotse Sport".

    Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Soziales, Frauen, Familie und Gesundheit
    The Ministry is, among other things, a cooperation partner in the project "Action Programme for Equal Opportunities for Female Youth and Women in Sport".

  • Other cooperation partners

    ZfH - Zentrum für Hochschulsport Hannover
    The Institute of Sport Science shares a building complex with the ZfH. Joint events are part of the regular programme and (sports) students can gain varied practical experience at the ZfH.

    Turn-Klubb zu Hannover
    The Turn-Klubb zu Hannover (TKH) regularly welcomes students from the Institute of Sport Science to its premises as part of the seminar programme "Organisation and Structures of Sport in Germany".