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Responsibilities for study programmes


Interdisciplinary Bachelor (FüBA) - 1st subject Meyer / Ziert
Interdisciplinary Bachelor (FüBA) - 2nd subject Meyer / Ziert
Interdisciplinary Bachelor (FüBA) - extracurricular, 1st/2nd subject Schmitz
Master Sports Science - Health Promotion through Sport Schmitz
Master's degree in grammar school teaching (MLG) -1st/2nd subject Meyer
MLG 3rd subject certificate programme (MLG Zert) Meyer-Plöger
Bachelor of Science in technischer Ausbildung (BTE) Meyer
Master's degree in vocational education and training (MLBS) Meyer
Master's degree programme in teaching at vocational schools for subject bachelor (LBS-Sprint) Meyer
Certification Programme MLBS Second Subject Sport BBS (MLBS Zert) Meyer
Bachelor Special Education (BSo)

K. Schiedek

Master's degree in special needs education (MLSo)


K. Schiedek

Certificate Programme MLSo Second Subject Sport (MLSo Zert)

K. Schiedek

Responsibilities for internships

Responsible for school internships "Sport" (LG/LGHR/LBS) Meyer

Responsible for school internships "Sport" (LSo)

K. Schiedek

Responsibility for school internships "Sports Science" Schmitz
Responsible for the association internship (internship relevant to the occupational field) Schwark / Selker

Responsibilities for general student counselling

Student advisory service of the student council (all subjects) Fachschaft
Erasmus and foreign students Selker

Counselling and support for Incomings and

Outcomings other programmes



Meyer-Plöger / Bocklage
Immature exam


Aptitude testing procedure K. Schiedek
Lecturers of trust Meyer / K. Schiedek

External responsibilities

The examination board of a degree programme decides on examination matters.
If you have any questions or problems, you can also contact the respective programme coordinator.