Course enrolment

Course enrolment via the LUH online portal

As stated in the annotated course catalogue, participation in the online voucher procedure is obligatory for all courses at the Institute of Sport Science.

For the coming summer semester, the online voucher procedure runs from 18 September to Tuesday, 12 October 2023 at 09:00! !

Compulsory or optional participation?

The online enrolment procedure is only for the enrolment of (compulsory) courses that are absolutely necessary to complete the current degree programme!
Any other participation (admission requirements, bringing forward for the Master's, repetition for exam preparation, voluntary) is only possible via a paper application, which is available here.
If, however, the online application procedure is misused for desired participations (advancement for the Master's degree, repetition for exam preparation, voluntary participation) (and "compulsory places" are taken away as a result), the students causing the misuse will have all application requests cancelled!


Before the start of the enrolment procedure, all students are requested to check from 11 September onwards in the online grade list whether the academic achievements of all courses are correctly booked.
Please clarify missing credits with the respective lecturer, incorrect module assignments (for Master's students, for example, individual/preferred credits may have been booked in the Bachelor's degree) with the examination office.


Students should only use the LUH online service for the online registration procedure.
Under "My studies", the option "Register/deregister for courses" can be selected in the registration period.
Registering for a course on Stud.IP does not result in a place in the course and is not taken into account in the booking procedure (only the contents of the institute's courses are stored on Stud.IP).

Results and solutions

The lists of results of the voucher procedure will be published here on Thursday, 12.10.23 from 8 pm. Problems can be solved on Friday, 13.10.2023, from 10-12 a.m. in a personal conversation (not by phone or e-mail) in the online meeting of the Stud.IP event "Problemsprechstunde Belegverfahren Institut für Sportwissenschaft".

Admitted places in a course must be confirmed by attendance at the first meeting. Subsequent and desired candidates will be admitted to the course in the first session if necessary.

Admission requirements, desired occupancy, lateral entrants and Erasmus students

For students with admission requirements, for lateral entrants and for Erasmus students, not all courses of the institute could be integrated into the registration procedure. Please participate in the enrolment procedure as far as possible for the compulsory enrolments.
If certain (non-assignable) courses are still required within the framework of the study regulations, students must please complete the application for admission on the computer, available here as an Excel file, print it out and sign it - then email it as a scan or photo to by Wednesday, 11 October at 12.00 noon.

Any desired booking (bringing forward for the Master's, repetition for exam preparation, desired participation) also does not take place via the online booking procedure, but exclusively via the application described above!