Links and useful information for sports students and interested people

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Hereinafter some useful, partly important links for sports students and interested people are summed up. These include references to central contact points in relation to (sports-)studies in Hannover and hotspots for literature research as well as declarations for relevant and worth reading trade publications and contents to different sports-organizations besides cooperation partners of the institut.

Hereinafter some useful, partly important links for sports students and interested people are summed up. These include references to central contact points in relation to (sports-)studies in Hannover and hotspots for literature research as well as declarations for relevant and worth reading trade publications and contents to different sports-organizations besides cooperation partners of the institut.

  • Around (sports-)studies in Hannover

    In this category you can find numerous useful links around (sports-)studies in Hannover subclassified into the rubrics "General" and "Literature research".


    Leibniz University of Hannover
    The homepage of Leibniz Universität Hannover.

    Faculty of Philosophy
    The Institute of Sports Science is an institution of the Faculty of Humanities. It was founded in 2005 as part of a reorganisation of the University of Hannover.

    AStA - General Students' Committee
    The AStA strives to make all possible services available to students. These include advice on university law, Bafög and social issues, as well as legal advice and information on the semester ticket. Furthermore, the AStA offers various services such as a print shop, bicycle repair shops and the rental of useful items for events.

    AStA - Sports Department
    The Sports Department is an autonomous AStA department, i.e. the student representation of interests of those involved in sports at Hanover University. The sports department deals with university politics in Hanover and, together with the sports departments of the other universities, tries to improve the locations and expand the sports programme. If a sports group wants to travel to university tournaments or German university championships, they can apply for subsidies from the Sports Department.

    University Office for International Affairs
    The International Office is not only responsible for all foreign students and teachers, but also for all those who want to study, research or teach abroad.

    Examinations Office
    The Central Examinations Office is responsible for organising examinations for the Diplom and Bachelor's-Master's degree programmes as well as Magister degree programmes.
    The tasks of the Central Examinations Office also include receiving applications, issuing admissions and non-admissions to examinations, checking deadlines, issuing and handing out certificates and notices.

    RRZN - Regional Computer Centre of Lower Saxony
    The RRZN offers a wide range of services for students and teachers. From an email address, manuals and IT courses to WLAN access, you will find everything you need in the area of IT at the RRZN.

    Student Union Hannover
    The Studentenwerk is responsible for refectories, cafeterias and student halls of residence, provides advice on student finance and informs about a wide range of social and cultural offers.

    Stud.IP is a learning, information and project management system used by universities, educational institutions, public authorities and companies. Leibniz Universität Hannover also uses Stud.IP. Students and staff can create and manage timetables, calendars and contacts online, and much more. Virtual learning groups are also an essential part of Stud.IP. It is worth visiting and registering.

    ZfH - Centre for University Sport Hanover
    The Institute of Sport Science shares a building complex with the ZfH. Joint events are part of the regular programme and (sports) students can gain varied practical experience at the ZfH.

    Literature research

    HOBSY - Hanover Online Library System
    HOBSY not only brings together the libraries of Leibniz Universität Hannover, but is also the starting point for the Hannover Union Catalogue and other supra-regional library systems.

    OPAC is the online catalogue of the Hannover libraries. These include the Technical Information Library and Hanover University Library (TIB/UB), the library of the Hanover Medical School (MHH), the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Library - Lower Saxony State Library, the library of the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts (FHH), the library of the Hanover University of Veterinary Medicine (TiHo), the Hanover public libraries, the library of the Hanover University of Music and Drama (HMT) and the library of the Hanover Protestant University of Applied Sciences and Arts (EFH).

    BISp Research System Sport
    The BISp database helps with literature searches.

    Virtual Library of Sports Science
    The ViFa Sport is a central portal for sports science information on the Internet.
    has been created. It contains both printed media and electronic information resources relevant to sports science.


  • Trade publications

    In this category you can find a selection of (sports-)scientific trade publications.

    Trade publications (small selection)

    Journal "Sport & Spiel"
    Practical sport ideas & topics for all school levels

    Journal "sportpädagogik"
    Journal for sport, play and physical education

    Journal "SportPraxis"
    Journal for sports teachers and exercise instructors

    Journal "sportunterricht"
    Monthly journal on the science and practice of sport

    Journal "Journal of Appplied Sport and Exercise Psychology"
    Journal for sport psychology

    Journal "German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research"
    The task of "Sportwissenschaft" is to report on results, the state of literature and research, as well as central issues in sports science.

    Journal "SportZeiten"
    Sport in History, Culture and Society

    Journal "Sport und Gesellschaft"
    Journal of sports sociology, sports philosophy, sports economics, sports history

    German Journal of Sports Medicine
    Journal of the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention

    Journal "Zeitschrift für sportpädagogische Forschung" (ZSF)
    Journal of sports education research

  • Sportsorganizations

    This category offers an overview about selected sportsorganizations in Lower Saxony respectively at federal level.

    Sportsorganizations in Lower Saxony

    LandesSportBund Lower Saxony
    The LandesSportBund Niedersachsen represents the sporting, social and financial interests of its members in Lower Saxony. The LandesSportBund Niedersachsen shapes the development of the sports state of Lower Saxony.

    Sports Youth of Lower Saxony
    The association for children and young people in sport.



    Sportsorganizations at federal level

    General German University Sports Association
    The sports canon of the Allgemeiner Deutscher Hochschulsportverband (adh) ranges from classical athletics to Ultimate Frisbee.

    Federal Institute for Sport Science
    The Federal Institute for Sport Science (BISp) has the task of identifying research needs and initiating, promoting and coordinating research projects in the field of sport (departmental research), evaluating the research results and transferring the research results into practice in cooperation with sport in a target group-oriented manner.

    German Lifesaving Society (DLRG)
    Whether rescue sport or popular sport, here you will find information on disciplines, rules and regulations, dates, courses and world records, but also on leisure activities in the water and swimming badges.

    German Olympic Sports Confederation
    The largest sports organisation in the world: around 27 million recreational and top athletes train under the umbrella of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB). The DOSB sends the German Olympic teams, looks after them at the venue and fights against doping.

    German Sports Youth
    Sport is also a child's game. That is why the German Sports Youth (dsj), with initiatives such as "Basketball at Midnight", "Violence Prevention through Sport" or "Intercultural Work with Sport", offers children and young people the chance to counter their often difficult everyday lives with sporting success.

    German Sports Teachers' Association
    The DSLV offers a wealth of current news, detailed information on all aspects of school sport and tips on the latest further training events.

    German Association for Sport Science
    The German Association for Sport Science (Deutsche Vereinigung für Sportwissenschaft e.V., dvs) is an association of scientists working in teaching and research at sport science institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany. The dvs was founded in 1976 and aims to promote and develop sports science.

    National Anti-Doping Agency Germany
    Targeting doping offenders: The National Anti-Doping Agency Germany (NADA) fights against drug abuse in elite sport. For Fair Play, NADA carries out doping controls and informs about the dangers of anabolic steroids, amphetamines or growth hormones. The Bonn-based foundation cooperates with international organisations.

    Association of Young Sports Scientists
    The core task of this organisation is to promote young sports scientists and to represent their interests.

    German Sports Aid Foundation
    Today's talents are tomorrow's winners. But without optimal support, no top athlete can achieve peak performance. The Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe has made it its mission to support talented athletes beyond the professional sector.