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Dear Faculties, Staff and Students of Leibniz University

‘Attention please’ We have been conducting a research study. Main objective of the study is to compare the effect of Yoga and sports activity with sports activity alone on Neuropsychological functions, day time sleepiness and perceived stress.

Study Venue: 3rd floor, Institute for Sports Science, Leibniz University, Germany.
Inclusion criteria:
1.    Healthy subjects, Age: 18- 35 years.  
2.    Language known by subjects:  English
3.    Subjects who are actively involved in any sports activity with at least total 2 hour duration per week (Not involved in any competitive sports/Elite sportspersons)

Exclusion criteria:

1.    Subjects with any known medical conditions
2.    Subjects received Yoga training for the past 3 months

Assessments (Duration 20 minutes): Will be done at the beginning and after 2 months
1.    Neuropsychological functions (Memory, attention and executive function)
a)    Rey auditory verbal learning test (RAVLT)
b)    Digit span test (DST):
c)    Trail making test (TMT) A & B
2.    Day time sleepiness and
3.    Perceived stress.

We are looking for only healthy controls, who are involved in any sports activities.

Those who are interested, please enroll for the study on or before 10/12/2017

Thanking you in advance

For more details please contact
Dr. Naveen G Halappa
Visiting Professor (Yoga),
Third floor, Institute for Sports Science, Leibniz University
Phone: 0511/762 5128, +49 15129754469