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The Department of Sports Science – in the Past, Present … and Future

The “Department for Physical Exercise” that was founded in 1925 at the Technical University of Hanover, is regarded as the forerunner for today’s Department of Sports Science. It was here, that in 1956, the first teachers for physical education were trained and educated. At this time, there were only three female and six male first-year students. Out of this institution, the Department for Sports Science developed in the 1970s.

Nowadays, the Department for Sports Science together with the university’s Centre for Sports uses a spacious complex of buildings providing sports facilities (e.g. three sports halls, a gymnasium and extensive outdoor facilities with grass and tarmac surfaces, including tennis courts and a beach volleyball area) and seminar rooms very close to the main campus. The growth in the area of personal resources as well as in a third hall and an administration building (2013) are good examples of the dynamic development of the Department for Sports Science in Hanover.

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